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Table 16 PV hazards

From: Comparative economic viability and environmental impact of PV, diesel and grid systems for large underground water pumping application (55 wells) in Jordan

Hazard no. 1 Electric shock may cause personnel injury to installers, occupants or others (would include local Disi animals and birds)
 Risk level Negligible risk region
 Risk reduction Installation of a well-engineered system and understanding of potential hazard by design team, installation crew and system user. And installation of complete set warning signs where applicable inside and around the PV system
Hazard no. 2 Initiation of contact fire due to increased temperature of Disi area or the possibility of ray reflection from flat surfaces on flammable objects
 Risk level Tolerable risk region
 Risk reduction Insulate structure with fire proofing materials and implement a fire safety procedure, along with continuous check for flammable objects that might be available
Hazard no. 3 Theft of PV equipment
 Risk level Tolerable risk region
 Risk reduction Hour-round surveillance on the PV plant through either physical present of personnel or computerized systems
Hazard no. 4 Communication Interference (e.g. inverters)
 Risk level Tolerable risk region
 Risk reduction Appropriate design and system installation based on good engineering practice must be adopted