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Table 7 Temperature-, extraterrestrial radiation-, and precipitation-based empirical models and their parameters

From: Global solar radiation estimation from commonly available meteorological data for Bangladesh

Equations Parameter Reference
Temperature-based models   
\(H/H_0 = a[1-\hbox {exp}(-b(\Delta T^{\mathrm{c}}))]\) abc Bristow and Campbell (1984)
\(H/H_0 = a \times \hbox {exp}(b\Delta T)\) ab Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a[1-\hbox {exp}(-b(\Delta T^{\mathrm{a}}))]\) ab Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a \times \hbox {exp}(b\Delta T) + c \times \hbox {exp}(d\Delta T)\) abcd Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a(\sqrt{\Delta T})\) a Hargreaves and Samani (1982)
\(H/H_0 = a(\sqrt{\Delta T})+b\) a, b Chen et al. (2004)
\(H/H_0 = a\Delta T^{\mathrm{b}}\) ab Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a\Delta T^{\mathrm{b}}+c\) abc Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a\Delta T^2 + b\Delta T + c\) abc Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a\Delta T^3 + b\Delta T^2 + c\Delta T + d\) abcd Proposed model
Temperature- and extraterrestrial radiation-based models   
\(H/H_0 = a[1-\hbox {exp}(-b(\Delta T^{\mathrm{c}})/H_0)]\) abc Goodin et al.
\(H/H_0 = a(\sqrt{\Delta T})(1+bH_0+c(H_0)^2)\) abc Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a + b\Delta T + cH_0\) abc Proposed model
Temperature- and precipitation-based models   Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a(\Delta T^{\mathrm{b}})(1+cP+dP^2)\) abcd DeJong and Stewart (1993)
\(H/H_0 = a + b\Delta T + cP\) abc Proposed model
\(H/H_0 = a(\Delta T^{\mathrm{b}})+c(P^{\mathrm{d}})\) abcd Proposed model