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Table 3 Electrical and thermal parameters of SM50 module

From: Effect of various model parameters on solar photovoltaic cell simulation: a SPICE analysis

Electrical parameters
Maximum power rating, \(P_{\rm{{max}}}\) (Wp) 50
Rated current \(I_{\rm{{MPP}}}\) (A) 3.05
Rated voltage \(V_{\rm{{MPP}}}\) (V) 16.6
Short-circuit current \(I_{\rm{SC}}\) (A) 3.4
Open-circuit voltage \(V_{\rm{OC}}\) (V) 21.4
Thermal parameters
NOCT (°C) \(45\pm 2\)
Temp. coefficient: short-circuit current 1.2 mA/°C
Temp. coefficient: open-circuit voltage −0.077 V/°C