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Table 3 Operational parameters of a passive solar still

From: A review of optimum parameter values of a passive solar still and a design for southern Bangladesh

Parameters Significance in output Optimum value Ref.
Water depth The lower the water depth, the higher the yield As lower as possible Garg and Mann (1976), Phadatare and Verma (2007), Tiwari and Tiwari (2007)
   0.04 m or lower  
Coloring of water If convection between the basin and surroundings is reduced, then utilization of dye has negligible effect on productivity No dye is used Rajvanshi (1981), Abu-Hijleh (2003)
Water mass flow rate Productivity is inversely proportional to the water mass flow rate Lower mass flow rate of water is recommended Mahdi et al. (2011)
Salt concentration With increased salinity, productivity will be decreased Salt concentration can be kept minimum by removing the brine after everyday production at night Kalbasi and Esfahani (2010), Akash et al. (2000)
Phase change material (PCM) Productivity can be increased up to 85.3% with the use of PCM PCMs should not be used as there is no standard PCM and the technology is very new which should be researched properly first Kenisarin and Mahkamov (2007), El-Sebaii et al. (2009)
Surfactant additives Adding surfactant has a very less effect and can be avoided No surfactants is used Miller and Westra (1998), Nafey et al. (2008)