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Table 4 Climatic parameters of a solar still

From: A review of optimum parameter values of a passive solar still and a design for southern Bangladesh

Parameters Significance in output Optimum value Ref.
Solar radiation The higher the input solar radiation, the higher the output of the still The still should be placed on an open space with ample sunlight availability Singh et al. (1996), Garg and Mann (1976)
Wind speed In summer, only wind speed has a positive effect on the still’s productivity We can place our still at a place where it will receive high wind at summer and low wind at winter El-Sebaii (2000), Soliman (1972)
Ambient temperature Ambient temperature of \(10\,^\circ \hbox {C}\) will increase the yield up to 8.2% We should place the still in a place where there is no shadow and has a high ambient temperature Al-Hinai et al. (2002)
Dust and cloud cover Dust and cloud cover always reduce the yield of the still Dust can be cleaned time to time Hegazy (2001), Velmurugan et al. (2008)