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Table 1 Summary of assumptions of the study

From: Conditions for economic competitiveness of pumped storage hydroelectric power plants in Egypt

Financial data
Installation cost excluding civil works 1600 $/kW
Civil work costs 2400 $/kW
Interconnection costs 12.80 M US$
Water piping system 20.0 M US$
Fixed costs 30.8 $/kW-year
Variable costs 0
Escalation in O&M 3%
Escalation in water price 3%
Base year of the study 2015
Pumping electricity cost (off-peak) at 500 kV 0.0248 $/kWh
Selling price of generated electricity (on-peak) 0.0511 EG $/kWh
Capacity payment for intensive industries 0.015 $/kW-month
Exchange rate 10
Tax rate 0%
Commitment fee 0.5%
Discount rate of the project 10%
Loan data
Foreign loan 60%
Term to repay 20 years
Grace period 3 years
Interest rate 6%
Local loan 40%
Term to repay 10 years
Grace period 2 years
Interest rate 11%
Technical data
Unit capacity 350 Mw
Number of units 6 units
Project lifetime 60 years
Construction period 5 years
Cycle efficiency 0.75%
Scheduled maintenance 20 days
Forced outage rate 0.05%
Generating hours per day 10 years
Capacity factor 34%
Pumping efficiency 0.95%
Height (upper reservoir effective head) 600 m
Total expected annual generated energy 6274 Gwh
Total required pumping energy 8365 Gwh
Water flow rate 376 m3/s
Water capacity 13.53 mcm
Evaporation rate in Suez Region 3.4 m/year
Losses of water per year 3.65 mcm/year
Project total amount of water during construction 104.6 mcm
Average grid fuel consumption (2013/2014) 211 gm/kWh
NG price 3 $/MMBtu
Kwh generated fuel price 8.37248 kWh