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Table 1 Characteristics of the PV Module TDC-M20-36 AT STC (1000 W/m2, 25 °C)

From: Low-cost virtual instrumentation of PV panel characteristics using Excel and Arduino in comparison with traditional instrumentation

Characteristics TDC-M20-36
Maximum power, Pmax 20 W
Voltage at Pmax, Vmp 18.76 V
Current at Pmax, Imp 1.07 A
Short-circuit current, Isc 1.17 A
Open-circuit voltage, Voc 22.70 V
Temperature coefficient of Voc, Kv − 0.35%/ °C
Temperature coefficient of Isc, Ki 0.043%/ °C
Number of cells 36
Light-generated current, Iph 1.173 A
Diode saturation current, I0 2.6797e−11 A
Ideality factor 1.0036
Shunt resistance Rsh 405.962 Ω
Series resistance Rs 1.0547 Ω