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Table 3 Used thermal and mechanical properties of the aluminum heater and ceramic-fiber blanket

From: Application-based design of the Fresnel lens solar concentrator

Aluminum Emissivity (Blackbody) 1
  Density (Iron Boar Labs Ltd 2009) 2700 kg/m3
  Specific heat capacity (Iron Boar Labs Ltd 2009) 904 J/kg∙K
  Thermal conductivity (Iron Boar Labs Ltd 2009) 273 W/m∙K
Ceramic-fiber blanketa Emissivity 0.9
  Density 128 kg/m3
  Specific heat capacity 1130 J/kg∙K
  Thermal conductivity 0.08 W/m∙K
  1. aProperties based on product information sheet of Kaowool™ Blanket SZr in density of 8 PCF by Morgan Advanced Materials Corp.