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Table 1 Summary of topic-related researches

From: Energy storage system design for large-scale solar PV in Malaysia: techno-economic analysis

Title Author Year Highlights References
Economic assessment for LSS-PV projects in UAE Asad Hussein, Toufic Mezhar, Steve Griffiths 2013 LCOE for LSS in UAE
Monte Carlo simulation using Oracle crystal ball for LCOE
Hussain et al. (2013)
Techno-economic potential of LS PV in Bahrain Gobind Pillai, Husain Ali Yaqoob Naser 2018 LCOE, PBP, NPV and EBPT for 1-MW grid PV in Bahrain Pillai and Naser (2018)
The cost benefit analysis of implementing PV solar system in Kuwait Mohammad Ramadhan, Adel Naseeb 2010 LCOE for 1-MW plant in Kuwait
Cost–benefit analysis of PV
Ramadhan and Naseeb (2011)
Re-considering the economics of photovoltaic power Morgan Bazilian et al. 2013 LCOE, grid parity, power system comparison and price per watt Bazilian et al. (2019)
Large-scale PV power generation in China: a grid parity and techno-economic analysis Hongyang et al. 2017 Residential PV grid and off-grid systems
LCOE calculations with environmental analysis
Grid parity and learning curve discussion for 5 cities in China
Zou et al. (2017)
LCOE for solar PV and electrical energy storage Chun Sing Lai, Malcolm D. McCulloch 2017 Case study using Johannesburg and Kenya data with Li ion and VRB battery
Comparison of LCOE features of 3 RE system software
Lai and McCulloch (2019)
Spatial matching of large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power generation with utility demand in Peninsular Malaysia Mahmoud et al. 2017 New generation demand matching model is proposed
Economic analysis with LCOE, NPV and benefit-to-cost ratio
Emission reduction discussion
Sabo et al. (2019)
A review of solar photovoltaic levelized cost of electricity K. Brankera, M. J. M. Pathaka, J. M. Pearce 2011 Review of LCOE methodology
Factors in LCOE calculations
Numerical example for Ontario, Canada
Brankera et al. (2011)
Economic feasibility of developing grid-connected photovoltaic plants in the southern coast of Iran Kasra Mohammadi, Mahmoud Naderi, Mohammad Saghafifar 2018 5-MW grid PV plant analysis for 8 cities with different sun tracking modes
LCOE, NPV, IRR, simple PBP
Sensitivity analysis
Mohammadi et al. (2018)
The cost and benefits of LSS-PV power production in Abu Dhabi, UAE Elizabeth Harder, Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson 2010 Analysis of potential 10-MW PV plant
NPV, simple PBP and IRR calculations
GHG emission and sensitivity analysis
Harder and Gibson (2011)
Viability analysis of PV power plants in Egypt M. EL-Shimy 2009 10-MW grid-connected PV plant analysis
Financial analysis (NPV, IRR, PBP, BCR ratio)
EL-Shimy (2009)
Proposed work M. Laajimi, Y. I. Go 2019 Comparison of the profitability of LSS power systems with or without energy storage, having different PV installed capacities and energy storage capacities
Economic analysis of power systems in two different states in Malaysia
Current work