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Table 4 The module specification of the proposed PV system for Kathmandu

From: Techno-economic feasibility analysis of a 3-kW PV system installation in Nepal

Model Talesun—TP672M –330
Electrical characteristics  
 Maximum power (Pmax) 330 W
 Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 37.3 V
 Maximum power current (Imp) 8.85A
 Short-circuit current (Isc) 9.19A
 Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 46.1 V
 Module efficiency 17%
 Cell size and series Monocrystalline 156 × 156–72 pcs (6 × 12)
 Temperature coefficient of Pmax  − 0.41%/ °C
 Temperature coefficient of Voc  − 0.31%/ °C
 Temperature coefficient of Isc  + 0.055%/ °C
Mechanical characteristics  
 Model dimension 1960 × 992 ×35 mm
 Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
 Glass 3.2 mm, High transmission, tempered glass
 Junction box and cable IP65/IP67
 Weight 24.0 Kgs