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Table 1 Empirical models to calculate solar radiation from sunshine duration

From: Estimation of solar radiation from cloud cover data of Bangladesh

Models Regression equations Source
Linear \(H/H_0= a + b (S/S_0)\) Angstrom–Prescott (1924, 1940)
Quadratic \(H/H_0 = a + b (S/S_0) + c (S/S_0)^2\) Akinoglu and Ecevit (1990)
Third degree \(H/H_0 = a + b (S/S_0) + c (S/S_0)^2 + d (S/S_0)^3\) Ertekin and Yaldiz (2000)
Logarithmic \(H/H_0 = a + b\cdot \log (S/S_0)\) Ampratwum and Dorvlo (1990)
Exponential \(H/H_0 = a\cdot \exp [b\cdot (S/S_0)]\) Almorox and Hontoria (2004)
Power \(H/H_0 = a\cdot (S/S_0)^b\) Sen (2007)