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Table 1 Electrical and thermal parameters available from manufacturer datasheet

From: Effect of various model parameters on solar photovoltaic cell simulation: a SPICE analysis

Parameters Symbol (Unit)
Electrical parameters
Maximum power rating \(P_{max}\, (W_{\text{p}})\)
Rated current \(I_{MPP}\) (A)
Rated voltage \(V_{MPP}\) (V)
Short-circuit current \(I_{sc}\) (A)
Open-circuit voltage \(V_{oc}\) (V)
Thermal parameters
Normal operating cell temperature NOCT (°C)
Temperature coefficient: short-circuit current (A/°C)
Temperature coefficient: open-circuit voltage V (°C)
Standard test conditions (STC)
Air mass \(AM = 1.5\)
Irradiance \(G = 1000\;{\rm{W/m^2}}\)
Cell temperature T cell = °C