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Table 4 Pairs of sites with the ten highest and ten lowest firm capacities, defined here as the amount of capacity (out of 60 MW) available at least 87.5% of the time

From: Assessing solar and wind complementarity in Texas

Site 1 Site 2 Firm capacity (MW)
Ten greatest firm capacities
 Roserock (So) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 7.92
 Roserock (So) Sherbino 2 (WT w) 7.55
 Peñascal (ST w) Sherbino 2 (WT w) 7.44
 Peñascal (ST w) Wildorado (WT w) 7.31
 Peñascal (ST w) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 7.17
 Alamo 5 (So) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 7.08
 Alamo 7 (So) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 7.04
 Alamo 1 (So) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 6.99
 Alamo 7 (So) Sherbino 2 (WT w) 6.98
 Webberville (So) Buffalo Gap (WT w) 6.88
Ten lowest firm capacities
 Holmes Rd (So) Cedro Hill 2 (ST w) 4.65
 Alamo 1 (So) Peñascal (ST w) 4.63
 Webberville (So) Peñascal (ST w) 4.63
 Holmes Rd (So) Peñascal (ST w) 4.45
 Cedro Hill 2 (ST w) Peñascal (ST w) 2.88
 Sherbino 2 (WT w)   2.77
 Buffalo Gap (WT w)   2.42
 Wildorado (WT w)   1.62
 Cedro Hill 2 (ST w)   1.59
 Peñascal (ST w)   1.31
  1. Not shown are pairs of solar-only sites, which have firm capacity of zero