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Table 3 The efficiency of the cells prepared with the most effective electrodes

From: Fabrication of Ag nanoparticles adhered on RGO based on both electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)

AnodeCathodeVoc (V)Jsc (mA/cm2)FFη (%)S.D.
TiO2Pt:RGO, 1:10.7916.260.516.630.11
TiO2Pt:RGOAg, 1:20.7817.200.587.720.21
TiO2/RGO 0.1%Pt0.8114.000.778.790.10
TiO2/RGO 0.2%Pt:RGO, 1:10.8113.810.616.810.25
TiO2/RGO 0.5%Pt:RGOAg, 1:20.7814.300.829.150.11
TiO2/RGOAg 20%Pt0.8715.540.537.120.19
TiO2/RGOAg 25%Pt:RGO, 1:10.8717.500.467.000.16
TiO2/RGOAg 30%Pt:RGOAg, 1:20.8517.420.517.530.17